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ASMTA Conference 2014

"The Nutz and Boltz of a Successful Music Studio"

The Nutz and Boltz of a Successful Music Studio

Mark your calendars now for the ASMTA conference, May 29-31, 2014. It will be held at the beautiful El Conquistador golf and tennis resort in the foothills of the Catalina mountains just north of Tucson. The theme is "The Nutz and Boltz of a Successful Music Studio".

What does it really take to have a successful music studio? Is it all about having specific policies and procedures? That's a good start. Have a plan. Lee Galloway will address some of these issues at our May conference.

But what else do we need? Gadgets and games? They might help maintain interest. We will have a number of people, including Robin Keehne and Gina Barton give us some ideas here.

Is it having a solid understanding of theory? Hannah Creviston will address this issue.

How about understanding a student and good communication with students and parents? Robyn Meahl and Susan Yuen will share their studies in these areas.

Or do we just need inspiration? Attend Janne Irvine's session as she shares her life experiences as she struggled with poor vision and now, totally blind, continues on with her passion for music.

You can see there will be a variety of topics presented at our annual conference, as well as a concert presented by Baruch Meir.

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