Arizona State Music Teachers Association

Member Honors and Awards

Janice McCurnin-Beatrice Searles Honored Teacher Award

This award was created in 1991 to recognize teachers from around the state who over the years have contributed their time and talents to their district and state organizations. These teachers have been dedicated to maintaining a high level of professionalism in all that they do and have shown a willingness to help and encourage other teachers in their organization. These Honored Teachers have had their students participate in the Arizona State Study Program, State Auditions, Honors Recitals, as well as various District events.

2016 Debbie Saifi, NCTM
2015 Jo Ann Stone Smelser
2014 Raymond T. Ryder, NCTM
2013 Karen S. Stahl
2012 Cecilia Whitby
2011 Rita Quay
2010 Melodie Lee Acker, NCTM
2009 Rosmary Stelmach, NCTM
2008 Marjorie Gunnell
2007 Grace Young
2006 Garnet Mallery, NCTM
2005 Elaine Mooney, NCTM
2004 Louise Hill
2003 Dr. June Chow-Tyne
2002 Dorothy Kish Dungan, NCTM
2001 Carol Hill, NCTM
2000 Helen Jones, NCTM
Dr. Paul Paige
1999 Gail Fischler, NCTM
1997 Dr. Jan Meyer Thompson, NCTM
1996 Dr. Rex Woods, NCTM
1995 Joy Ross
1993 Carol Sue Rickel
1992 Kathryn Pooler
1991 Janice McCurnin
Beatrice Searles
Evonne Beattie, NCTM
Betty Butler
Frances Kaspar, NCTM
Gloria Ritt, NCTM
Marion Rogge
Marie Roosen
Barbara Stoutenburgh, NCTM
Ruby La Sueur
Laurel Watkins
Pee Yaw Lim Wilkes, NCTM

50+ Years of Teaching

Recognized by MTNA in 2002:
Elizabeth Kovatch
Janice McCurnin

2009: Pee Yaw Lim Wilkes

Honorary Life Members

PeeYaw Lim Wilkes, NCTM
Fran Kaspar, NCTM
Gloria Ritt, NCTM
Marie Roosen
Dorothy Kish Dungan, NCTM
Barbara Stoutenburgh, NCTM
Carol Ray Hill, NCTM

MTNA Foundation Fellow

2017 Dr. Frank E. Scott
2014 Michael J. Bates
2012 Dean Elder

Nationally Certified Teachers

Melodie Lee Acker
Paulette Albertson
Pamela L. Allman
Evonne Beattie
Ila Mae Binding
Rita M. Borden
Ashley Bradford
Marla Bradford
Susan Chu
Ruth Anne Clayton
Faye Colyar
Walter Cosand
Paula Dahl
Elizabeth Drewett
Dorothy Kish Dungan
Gail Fischler
Daniel T. Fletcher
Helen E. Ford
Bette J. Franke
Annette M. Freston
Diana Galindo
Gale A. Griffin
Victoria B. Harris
Rosemary I. Hendrickson
Carol Ray Hill
Carolyn Inabinet
Mika Inouye
Helen Jones
Garinee Jording
Tabitha Kaminski
Frances W. Kaspar
Maria Larsen
Chyleen Lauritzen
Diane Legge
Sherry H. Lenich
Paul Lorenz
Garnet Mallery
Susan V. Martinez
Sarah Moglewer
Elaine D. Mooney
Kristine O. Moore
Lynn Moser
Janet M. Norman
Dr. Andrew C. O'Brien
Susan R. Polleys
Cherie Pomeroy
Angelica Prado-Stern
Gail Quackenbush
Rita Quay
Genny Rafferty
Arlene Ratz
Gloria Gaebe Ritt
Kathryn L. Rood
Shellie D. Ruge
Dr. Raymond T. Ryder
Debbie Saifi
Judith Sandoval
Ellen M. Sassano
Dr. Frank E. Scott
Marilyn R. Smith
Barbara M. Speolman
Rosmary A. Stelmach
Carolyn H. Steppe
Radmila Stojanovic-Kiriluk
Barbara Stoutenburgh
Dr. Janice Meyer-Thompson
Natalya Thran
Judith Torigoe
Jelena Vladikovic
Kassandra Jenkins Weleck
Pee-Yaw Lim Wilkes
Rex Woods
April Wu
Ruth B. Yandell
Hong Zhu

The STAR Award

2009 Kathryn Christensen
2008 Dalia Rodriguez-Aponte
2007 Jennifer Faulkner
2006 Yelizaveta Beriyeva
2005 Abigail Lockard
2004 Kassandra K. Jenkins

The Student Achievement Recognition Award is given to a graduating college student who is a member of MTNA in recognition for teaching and academic achievement. Nominated by a faculty member at his/her school, the StAR recipient receives free national membership for one year. More information about the StAR program.